Keeping Chickens

Before keeping chickens, you might want to check with your neighbours first, especially if you decide to keep a Rooster. As graceful and as colourful as they are, they will make alot of noise particularly very early in the morning. Chickens are friendly birds, easy to keep, undemanding and will supply their owner with a regular supply fo fresh eggs.

The record for laying the most eggs in one day is currently seven. It takes about 4 and a half pounds of feed for a chicken to produce a dozen (12) eggs.

A hen will lay eggs for most of her entire life.


Average sized chickens are content to live in normal sized gardens as they are not agile and are unable to fly. They will usually just wander around happily. All they really require is a secure shed where they can rest, sleep and shelter from bad weather.


Some chickens will lay more eggs than others and the size of the egg will depend on what breed of chicken you keep. It is best to do some homework before keeping chickens and learn about different breeds and which breeds are available and suitable for you location.

Suitable breeds for beginners are usually: Rhode Island Reds, Sussex Orpingtons, Rals and Plymouth Rocks.

Chickens are fun to watch, can be extremely humourous, very friendly and a pleasure to keep!