Grasshopper Species

Here is a list of Grasshopper species with their scientific name and a small description of each.

Common Name

Scientific Name

Hints for Identification



Fuzzy olive-green grasshopper

Campylacantha olivacea

short-winged; short hairs on prothorax

Post oak grasshopper

Dendrotettix quercus

oak woodlands; arboreal

Grass-green grasshopper

Hesperotettix speciosus

short-winged; red markings; bluish hind tibia

Purple Striped Grasshopper

Hesperotettix viridis pratensis

colourful, distinct red and white markings; blue tibia

Sage grasshopper

Hypochlora alba

short, pointed wings; host Artemesia

Narrow-winged spur-throat Melanoplus angustipennis

Two-striped grasshopper

Melanoplus bivittatus

2 yellow stripes from behind eyes onto forewings; hind femur black-striped, hind tibia blue

Pasture grasshopper

Melanoplus confusus

black stripe behind eye; hind tibia blue

Differential grasshopper

Melanoplus differentialis

hind femur marked w black chevrons

Red-legged grasshopper

Melanoplus femurrubrum femurrubrum

red hind tibia; hind femur dark-banded

Striped Sand Grasshopper

Melanoplus foedus

hind femur yellow, long forewings

Keeler grasshopper

Melanoplus keeleri luridus

red magenta hind tibia; forewings speckled

Packard grasshopper

Melanoplus packardii

2 dark stripes from head to wings

Grizzly Spur-throat grasshopper Melanoplus punctulatus camouflaged on lichen-covered tree bark

Migratory grasshopper

Melanoplus sanguinipes

dark line on the femur is broken, red legs; line of spots on forewing

Scudder’s spur-throat grasshopper

Melanoplus scudderi

rounded, short-wings; red hind tibia

Two-lined short-winged grasshopper

Paratylotropidia brunneri

short-winged; maroon hind tibia, distinctive white lines on thorax & wings

Largehead grasshopper

Phoetaliotes nebrascensis

short, pointed forewings; blue hind tibia,



White whiskers grasshopper

Ageneotettix deorum

thin, whitish antennae; forewings speckled; hind tibia orange

Striped grasshopper

Amphitornus coloradus 

dark stripes head to forewings

Bighead grasshopper

Aulocara elliotti

over-sized head; blue hind tibia

Boopedon auriventris

sides of prothorax have 2 vertical lines


Boopedon gracile

sides of prothorax have 2 vertical lines+ top; hind tibia band tan on magenta

Harris sprinkled grasshopper

Chloealtis conspersa

moist habitat; female short-winged, male shiny black pronotum; uncommon

Short-winged green grasshopper

Dichromorpha viridis

green or brown; low areas, shady lawns

Velvet-stripped grasshopper

Eritettix simplex

antennae expanded tip; dark stripes on pronotum w/white, constricted, white mark on forewings

Two-striped slant-faced grasshopper

Mermiria bivittata maculipennis

dark stripe from eye to forewing, small white streak on forewing; antennae flat & expanded centrally

Mermiria picta neomexicana

no white streak; eye stripe brown

Obscure grasshopper

Opeia obscura

antennae flat & expanded centrally

Spotted-wing grasshopper Cordillacris occipitalis dark spots & speckled forewing edge; 2 cuts across pronotum

Slant-faced pasture grasshopper

Orphulella speciosa

dark spots on forewing, pronotum & abdomen; one cut across pronotum

Four-spotted grasshopper

Philobostroma quadrimaculatum

forewings 3-5 spotted; hind tibia orange

Short-winged toothpick grasshopper

Pseudopomala brachyptera

forewings short & pointed; antennae flat & expanded centrally

Admirable grasshopper

Syrbula admirabilis

sexes different;



Speckle-winged grasshopper

Arphia conspersa

hindwing black spur in red; early spring

Arphia simplex

hindwing black spur in yellow; summer

Autumn yellow-winged grasshopper

Arphia xanthoptera

pronotum arched; late summer, fall

Green-striped grasshopper

Chortophaga viridifasciata

green & brown forms; hindwings colorless

Carolina grasshopper

Dissosteira carolina

hindwing black, spotted at tip

Dusky grasshopper

Encoptolophus sordidus

“X” on the pronotum

Three-banded grasshopper

Hadrotettix trifasciatus

bottom half of inside of femur is blue

Wrinkled grasshopper

Hippiscus rugosus

spring adults

Platt range grasshopper

Mestobregma plattei

second black on outside edge hindwing

Coral-winged grasshopper

Pardalophora apiculata

common in spring; red hindwing; forewing spots large

Haldeman’s grasshopper

Pardalophora haldemanii

forewing w/numerous spots; spring

Boll’s grasshopper

Spharagemon bolli

forewing w/2 faint stripes; hindwing pale yellow

Mottled sand grasshopper

Spharagemon collare

forewing w/3 faint stripes; pronotum ridged; hindwing spotted at tip

Orange-legged grasshopper

Spharagemon equale

forewing w/3 dark stripes, spotted at tip; hind tibia & inside femur orange

Kiowa grasshopper

Trachyrhachys kiowa

pronotun 2-notched; hind tibia blue



vertical stripe in the eye (fresh specimen)

American grasshopper

Schistocerca americana americana

forewings spotted; pale dorsal stripe

Birdwing grasshopper

Schistocerca lineata

wings not speckled; yellow dorsal stripe

Obscure bird grasshopper

Schistocerca obscura

green; hind tibia black; yellow dorsal stripe


Plains Lubber grasshopper

Brachystola magna

short-winged, flightless; heavy-bodied