Grasshopper Quiz & Trivia

Did you know this about Grasshoppers…..?


  • There are 18,000 kinds of grasshoppers in the world.

  • The grasshopper can live in all kinds of habitats.

  • The colours of the Painted grasshopper warn birds not to eat them.

  • Painted grasshoppers hatch in May or June.

  • The Painted Grasshopper is yellow, black, orange and white.

Painted Grasshopper

  • The Painted Grasshopper lives in the western part of the United States.

  • The longest grasshopper is 11 centimetres long.

  • Grasshoppers are herbivores (they do not eat meat, only plants.

  • Grasshoppers go through ‘complete’ and ‘incomplete’ metamorphosis.

  • Grasshoppers have no ears. They hear with an organ called ‘tympanum’.

  • Most types of grasshoppers have two pairs of wings.

  • Grasshoppers have five eyes.

  • When the female lays her eggs, she covers them with a paste-like liquid that will protect them during the winter.

  • Nymphs grow for 40 to 60 days before they become adults.

  • Some grasshoppers rub their wings together to create music, others snap their wings together while flying, and others just rub their hind legs across their front wings.

  • Grasshoppers consume green forage roughly eight times as fast in proportion to their weight.

  • Grasshoppers cut binder twine, eat holes in clothing hanging out to dry, invade homes and pollute water from springs or wells.

  • Trains have been delayed because they could not run at regular speed on tracks made slippery by crushed grasshoppers after a swarm.

  • The brain of a grasshopper has approximately 16000 neurons (brain nerve cells) – a human brain has around 100 billion neurons.