Galapagos Shore Birds

Galapagos Shorebirds are those species of bird, usually wading birds, that spend most of their time in coastal zones. Most shorebirds utilize resources found along beaches or rocky shores, feeding on shellfish or fish found in tide pools. Like the seabirds, there are few endemic species on the Galapagos islands.

Most are considered ‘residents’ whereby they breed in the Galapagos but are also found elsewhere. A number of the shorebirds are migrants and are not permanent residents of the islands. For them, the Galapagos is an oasis where they stop to feed during long migrations.

The Oystercatchers are exceptions. They are present all year around and nest along the coastline of the islands.

One way to differentiate resident birds from migratory birds is the capacity of tolerance the residents have developed. It is quite common for shorebirds not to allow a person to get too close to them, yet is not necessary to have extremely powerful binoculars to observe them closely. Land birds on the other hand, are a completely different story. Land birds are most likely to actually approach humans because of their ‘human fearless’ nature.

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American Oyster Catcher Black-necked Stilt Galapagos Flamingo Great Blue Heron         Lava Heron Whimbrel Willet Yellow-crested Night Heron


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