Galapagos Shark Species

Sharks in the Galapagos Islands

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The Humboldt and Cromwell currents and the cooler waters of Galapagos draw sharks to feed in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Even though shark fishing is prohibited, illegal fishing continues to threaten their existence. Scientists at the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) recognize that improved understanding of sharks is the key to providing adequate protection.

There are 27 shark species native to Galapagos including:

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus)

Hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna species)

Pointed-nosed sharks including:

Galapagos sharks (Carcharinus galapagensis)

Silky sharks (C. falciformis)

White tipped reef sharks (Triaenodon obesus)

Black tipped sharks (C. limbatus)