Endangered British Mammals

There are around sixty six species of mammalia that can be found in United Kingdom. However, several species have experienced dramatic declines in numbers over recent years. The Mammals that are most at risk are: the Bottlenose dolphin, European Hare, Hazel Dormouse, European Otter, Greater Horseshoe Bat, Greater Mouse-eared Bat, Harbour Porpoise, Red Squirrel and the Water Vole which are featured here at Animal Corner. There are many more British mammals that are declining to some degree and are on the verge of being listed as threatened or endangered. If awareness is not spread and conservation programs not put into action, they will possibly be on their way to becoming critically endangered or extinct.

Mammals need a healthy environment in which to thrive, including human beings, therefore, mammals are an example and indication of the quality and health of our environment. If our planet is disappearing and degrading, it may be strongly advisable to investigate whether their loss has any implications for us.

Common Name:
Scientific Name:
Tursiops truncatus
Lepus europaeus
Muscardinus avellanarius
Lutra lutra
Rhinolophus ferrumequinium
Myotis myotis (extinct as resident)
Phocoena phocoena
Sciurus vulgaris
Arvicola terrestris