Endangered Animals

The Endangered species act was passed in order to help animals that have declining numbers and are in danger of becoming extinct. They are listed as either, vulnerable, threatened, endangered or critically endangered depending on how severe their survival rate is. Vulnerable and threatened species are those most likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future unless action is taken to protect their habitats and survival and to introduce protection programs which enable them to reproduce, therefore being re-introduced to the wild.

A number of protective measures that are designed to preserve species that have been listed as Endangered or Threatened include restrictions on hunting, transporting and trading (buying and selling) the species. Take a look at some of the endangered animals by selecting a catergory from the lists below:

Endangered and threatened animals of the British Isles.



Marine (Lizards, Amphibians, Fish)

Other British Endangered Species (Molluscs, Invertebrates, Insects, Crustaceans)

A list of Critically endangered species (IUCN).

Critically Endangered Mammals

Critically Endangered Fish

Critically Endangered Birds