British Wildlife

The British mild and damp climate has allowed many, many different species of animals and birds to settle and evolve here that may have struggled to live elsewhere in the world. Britain is an island surrounded by seas and oceans which usually keep our summers warm and wet and our winters generally mild.

Animals that settled on the British Isles learned that they could rely on food supplies being available practically all year round because of the consistent lack of extreme weather. However, when extreme weather occurs, it can cause serious problems because the ecosystem is not designed to deal with it. In recent times and because of climate change, Britain experiences more extremes which is unfortunately changing the nature of our islands animal life.

Because of climate change, animal species from other countries arrive on the islands and settle here, taking over native wildlife and forcing them into margins. New pests have arrived and have spread to parts where they were unable to thrive previously.

In this section ‘British Wildlife’, we will take a look at some of Britains amazing animals, their life styles and how they are affected by the ever changing climate on these islands.

Here is a list of British Wildlife featured at Animal Corner!