Insect Fun

Beetle Jokes

What happened to the man who turned into an insect?
- He just beetled off!

How do you know that beetles are so clever?
- Because they always know when you're eating outside!

What do you call two bugs that live on the moon?
- Luna ticks!

What do you call a nervous beetle?
- A jitter-bug!

Why did the beetle get kicked out of the park?
- Because he was a litter-bug!

Grasshopper Jokes

What is a grasshopper?
- An insect on a pogo stick!

What do you call a grasshopper with no legs?
- A grasshover!

Why is it better to be a grasshopper than a cricket?
- Because grasshoppers can play cricket but crickets can't play grasshopper!

What is green and can jump a mile in a minute?
- A grasshopper with hiccups!

What is green, sooty and whistles when it rubs its back legs together?
- Chimney Cricket!

Ant Jokes

How many ants are needed to fill an apartment?
- Ten-ants!

What do you call a 100 year old ant?
- Ant-ique!

What do you call an ant from overseas?
- Import-ant!

What is smaller than an ants dinner?
- An ants mouth!

What medicine would you give an ill ant?
- Ant-ibiotics!

What do you get if you cross some ants with some tics?
- All sorts of ant-ics!

Bee Jokes

Why do bees hum?
- Because they don't know the words!

What is the bee's favourite pop group?
- The BEE Gees!

What do you call a clumsy bee?
- Fumble bee!

What do you call a bee born in May?
- May-bee!

What do bees chew?
- Bumble gum!

What goes zzub zzub?
- A bee flying backwards!

Why do bees go on strike?
- Because they want more honey and shorter working flowers!

What did one bee say to the other bee during a hot summer?
- Swarm here isn't it!

What goes hum-choo, hum-choo?
- A bee with a cold!

Wasp Jokes

What is a wasps favourite film?
- Sting-ing in the Rain!

Who is a wasps favourite singer?
- Sting!

What is a wasps favourite song?
- Sultans of Sting!

What sport do wasps play?
- Sting-pong!

What is a wasps second favourite film?
- Lord of the Stings!

Centipede Jokes

What is worse than a giraffe with a sore throat?
- A centipede with sore feet!

Why was the centipede dropped from the football team?
- Cos he took too long to put his football boots on!

What goes 99-clonk 99-clonk 99-clonk?
- A centipede with a wooden leg!

What did one centipede say to the other centipede?
- You've got a lovely pair of legs! You've got a lovely pair of legs! You've got a lovely pair of legs! You've got a lovely pair of legs!

Insect Cartoons

I don't think I like pink anymore, try another colour!
Just how much longer is it gonna take!!??!!
That's what he thinks!!
Unamused insects!
I could win that tortoise AND the hare anyday!!
Hungry ants!
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