About Animal Corner

Animal Corner™ is a large and continually expanding encyclopedia featuring mammals, birds, insects, marine life and reptiles from around our planet. Students are able to use our search facilities to find information on an animal they are discovering. Our animal features include animal photographs and extensive information on their habitats, behaviour, reproduction and more. Animal Corner has information on endangered animals including their history and scientific classification. Natural history is also featured on many animals.

Animal Corner is not just about one kind of animal or even one animal species, it is about all kinds of different animals from African mammals to Tropical Birds.

Our objectives:

  • To provide accurate and interesting information on animal species.

  • To spread awareness regarding endangered species.

  • To provide facts and information on caring and nurturing pets.

  • To provide up to date conservation status on different animal species.

  • To provide an encyclopedia for use to students and to help with animal projects.

Our mission is to continue to expand Animal Corner to make it the best place to come to find information about any kind of animal, insect or bird your can think of. In other words, “all your animal facts under one roof “. No more constant trawling through websites to find answers to those questions you have about perhaps a Booby Bird or a Bengal Tiger, you have it all here!

Animal Corner is constantly updating and adding new animals. New animal categories are planned in the near future.

Information on individual animals is obtained by our small team of animal enthusiasts. Our members are dedicated to animals and enjoy discovering indepth information surrounding an animals life and behaviour. Of course, we cannot always observe certain animals in person as some are very reclusive and are difficult to spot. Wildlife documentaries, zoo and farm visits and going on safari are just some of the ways we get to know the animals and we would like to thank people who have shared their knowledge with us and shared their experiences with the animals they are familiar with.

You are always welcome at Animal Corner, so please keep visiting and keep your eye out for those new animals, birds and insects.

Animal Corner™ for all your animal information!