Endangered British Marine

The cool temperate waters around United Kingdom contain a huge variety of marine life and the sea creatures. Our small islands are surrounded by various seas and oceans including the Atlantic Ocean, the North sea, the Irish Sea and the English Channel which are teeming with many marine species, common and rare. Many marine species are listed as endangered and some are on the verge of extinction.

Our shorelines, rivers and lakes are home for many declining amphibians, reptiles and fish such as the Sand lizard, Great crested newt, Natterjack toad, Allis shad fish, Brown trout, Pollan and Vendace which are featured here at Animal Corner. Climate change is increasingly recognised as a serious threat. Other issues relating to human activity include introduction of alien species, over-exploitation and pollution. The angel shark has been declared Extinct in the North Sea and Critically Endangered globally, while the common skate's status has also been upgraded to Critically Endangered.

It is critical that urgent action to greatly improve management practices and implement conservation measures, such as agreed non-fishing areas, enforced mesh-size regulations and international catch limits is taken before it is too late.


Lacerta agilis
Triturus cristatus
Bufo calamita
Alosa alosa (Alosa fallax)
Salmo trutta
Coregonus autumnalis pollan
Coregonus albula

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