Teira Batfish

The Teira Batfish (genus Platax) can be instantly recognised by the dark blotch below the pectoral fin, and a second elongated dark mark above the origin of the anal fin. From a side view, the body is quite circular with a low hump on the nape.

The Teira Batfish has a silver, grey or brownish colouring with a dark band through the eye and another parallel with the pectoral fin. Juvenile Teira Batfish have very long dorsal and anal fins that become relatively shorter as the fish grows. Bat fish can grow to a maximum length of 60 centimetres

.Bat Fish

The Teira Batfish lives mainly in the tropical Indo-West Pacific. In Australia it is found in shallow coastal and deeper offshore habitats off the central coast of Western Australia, around the tropical north of the country and south to the southern coast of New South Wales. Four species of Batfish have been recorded in Australian waters.